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  • Weekend in the Gorge; Beautiful weather, low and no traffic roads with wildflowers in full bloom.
  • That time of year again. Mordor.
  • Ben (left) and Craig just before the 13% Lake Simtustus descent on the Agency Plains loop 4/21/2018 (https://cowheelers.wildapricot.org/event-2896309).
  • Ben being Ben.
  • John, Dave, Wiley, Teresa at start of climb after epic decent at Lake Simtustus.
  • Sam, Michel, and Tom at the "Ono Store and International Cafe" in Ono, CA.
  • Sam, Michel, and Tom at the Igo Store in Igo, CA.
  • Palo Cedro, CA (just outside of Redding)
  • John and Tim at Fern Country Store
  • Sam and Michel... taking in the ambiance of the Fern Country Store
  • Dave and Same on the Sacramento River bikeway (north of Redding)
  • Dave and Sam riding the Sacramento River bikeway
  • 30 miles today, China Hat Road. Good weather. Great people - 16 riders.
  • 30 miles today, China Hat Road. Good weather. Great people - 16 riders.
  • Our FIRST flat! Suffered by our guest rider Steve. Will he be back for more? We’ll see! Crane Prairie loop.
  • COWs Don, Alan, Dave and guest Steve. Crain Prairie Reservoir. Oct 29. It won’t look like this for long.
  • A wonderful fall ride / adventure! Team Coyote had to reroute due to early snowfall. Mostly sunny with cool temps and low traffic riding followed by a hot coffee warm up at Brewed Awakening in SR.
  • Lovely October ride with Colin, Teresa, Wiley and Susan. Breezy 55 miles to - you guessed it - Smith Rock State Park.
  • 6 riders braved the 45°F start and were rewarded w a fun ride, great weather, and good friends. Fall is coming. Ride while you can.
  • Ben G, Kevin B, David S, Doug W. On the Paulina Rim trail 19Aug2017. Too Smokey to see much until second half of loop when a lot of the smoke got blown away.
  • TeamCoyote and the Central Oregon Wheelers making their way to Smith Rock on 8.19.2017. It was an alternate route given the smoke at Sunriver. Beautiful day and good riding in Central Oregon!
  • Tuesday's 30 mile ride Tumalo Area. Welcome new rider Louise. Long time member, first ride with club. It was pretty smokey and getting hot so we shorten the ride a bit. But still worth it!
  • Ride to China Hat from Discovery Park. 9 AM start. We beat the heat.

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