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  • Tour of the Giants - Patti and Kevin enjoying payback of NF25.
  • Tour of the Giants - Bear Camp Road warning signs. It is true, people have died there.
  • Tour of the Giants - Kevin on Burnt Ridge Road
  • Tour of the Giants - Jeff enjoying payback on Burnt Ridge Road.
  • Tour of the Giants - Lucas Lodge in Agnes was kind to cyclists. They let us camp, shower, dinner, and breakfast for $55.
  • Tour of the Giants - under the fantastic canopy along the Rogue River.
  • Tour of the Giants - Schrader Reserve, some work, a two mile climb, with ... uhm ... half mile sustained double digit grade up to 19%.
  • Tour of the Giants - the Schrader Reserve has giant douglas fir!
  • Tour of the Giants - the five-day tour included more than a day along the coast ...
  • Tour of the Giants - Project Occupy Blue Water Cafe.
  • Tour of the Giants - the daily early routine of what looks like a gypsy camp - but are cyclists focused packing state of the art gear onto bikes likely rivaling the cost of nearby toys.
  • Tour of the Giants - summitting the Gasquest Toll Road - weathered cyclists - a summarily representative day of the route.
  • Tour of the Giants - Don, Patti, and Jason - the Gasquet Toll Road. A handy but challenging way to avoid US-199.
  • Tour of the Giants - photo by Jason, in view: Ben, Patti, David, Don, Jeff, and Kevin.
  • Tour of the Giants - exploring the last old-growth, Oregon redwoods.
  • Tour of the Giants - NF25 - Selma to Galice.
  • Tour of the Giants - Don and Ben with a Giant.
  • Tour of the Giants - Howland Hill Drive - cyclists amongst the redwoods of Jedediah Smith.
  • Tour of the Giants - Howland Hill Drive - these are the redwoods of Jedediah Smith State Park on the border with Oregon
  • 10 riders for the Tumalo-Dry Canyon Loop Ride. A little rain at the end, but missed the heavy stuff.
  • For sale Desalvo gravel bike $1200. Call Tim 503 970 3319
  • For Sale: Co Motion touring bike complete with panniers as seen. $1,500
  • Prineville/Alfalfa ride August 3 2019
  • Prineville/Alfalfa ride August 3 2019
  • Prineville/Alfalfa ride Aug 3 2019
  • More Smith Rocks riders
  • 17 riders for ride to Smith Rocks. Weather was great!

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