Central Oregon Wheelers

Covid-19 Riding Guidelines

We are excited to see COVID numbers steadily declining in Oregon as more and more Oregonians are receiving vaccinations.  Oregon is starting to open things back up and we anticipate more opportunities will be available later this spring. We won’t be able to return to the old “normal” but we can manage our risk. If you are concerned for your health and safety due to COVID-19, the safest solution is to ride alone or with the people in your household.

Fully vaccinated riders should adhere to these rules when riding with anyone unvaccinated. If you are vaccinated, you can lead a vaccinated-only group ride without these precautions. . 

Please, join if you are sure you are not sick, don’t have a temperature and have no indication you might be becoming sick. Also if you have recently traveled to an area with a known high infection rate (hot spot) please refrain from a group ride for at least 2 weeks. 

Protective Equipment

  • Bring a face-covering (mask, buff, kerchief, scarf etc.) 
  • Have your face-covering available and use it at the start of the ride, during flats/mechanical repairs or if you use a public area like a restroom.

Group Distancing

  • DON’T DRAFT because it increases the duration and volume of exposure. A fair recommendation is three bike-lengths between bikes.
  • All gathering and start locations should be in large open areas like parking lots. This allows people to spread out while awaiting the start of the ride. Maintain a 6 foot spacing. 
  • Ride groups are limited to 10 or fewer cyclists to allow for safe spacing.
  • If two abreast, stay at least 4 feet apart.


  • Don’t spit or blow “snot rockets” near others.
  • Carry tissue or a handkerchief, and carefully dispose of tissues.
  • Unless fully vaccinated, please avoid post-ride activities.


  • Registration for rides is mandatory during the remainder of the pandemic. We need to control group size now more than ever. 

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