Central Oregon Wheelers

Ride Leader Overview

Ride leaders are the heart and soul of the Club. Riding is what we do and rides are the most visible feature of our club.  Becoming a ride leader is easy and rewarding.  

Ride Leaders are plan the ride, submit the ride on the website, and manage the ride. There is no requirement for the number of rides you lead or the type of ride you lead. All the club asks is that you are a current club member, and that you follow club rules.

What Does A Ride Leader Do?

    • Arrive 15 minutes or more before the ride
    • Check for helmets
    • Give ride introduction/safety briefing
    • Be familiar with the route
    • Keep the advertised pace
    • Lead by example: Exhibit safe riding skills and follow the rules of the road
    • Interact with the riders in a friendly and professional manner
    • Make sure everyone makes it back to the ride start (no dropped riders unless advertised)
    • Be prepared to handle an incidents/accidents 
    • Reflect positively on the Club

Next Steps

Everything you need to get started is on our Guidelines for Ride Leaders page. You'll be asked to submit a ride and will be given some good pointers preparing for your ride.

Special Incentive

Ride leaders will receive a new Central Oregon Velo jersey after leading 5 COW rides! Until they are gone. Due to the generosity of Glen Bates, we have a about 15 new jerseys ranging in size from 2 through 8 (European sizing) for men and women. Color is blue and yellow, full zipper, highly breathable. They are not Central Oregon Wheeler jerseys, but they are nice. 

Central Oregon Wheelers is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization.

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