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754 photo(s) Updated on: October 29, 2021
  • Ben G, Kevin B, David S, Doug W. On the Paulina Rim trail 19Aug2017. Too Smokey to see much until second half of loop when a lot of the smoke got blown away.
  • TeamCoyote and the Central Oregon Wheelers making their way to Smith Rock on 8.19.2017. It was an alternate route given the smoke at Sunriver. Beautiful day and good riding in Central Oregon!
  • Tuesday's 30 mile ride Tumalo Area. Welcome new rider Louise. Long time member, first ride with club. It was pretty smokey and getting hot so we shorten the ride a bit. But still worth it!
  • Ride to China Hat from Discovery Park. 9 AM start. We beat the heat.
  • Progressive Tuesday 13. 40miles. 5Riders. Pine Nursery -Dodd Rd loop.
  • Barb's Thursday B ride at the end of Skyliners road
  • Progressive Tuesday 12. Sunriver - Crane Prairie loop. Beautiful views.
  • Progressive Tuesday ride to Smith Rocks. Great ride and weather. Killer combo.
  • Progressive Tuesday 10. Seven riders. 44 miles. Good weather. Dry Canyon area northeast of Redmond. John, Mark, Mark, Gabor, Allen & Jerry
  • Toby's Smith Rock ride on a warm June Sunday. Great route!
  • Socializing after Wednesday's Bite Ride.
  • Bill, Tom, Mark & Terry. Half way point on Progressive Tuesday 9. Good weather, great ride! Who knew the area north and east of Redmond was so beautiful.
  • Progressive Tuesday 8. 42 miles. 10 riders. Sunriver area. Awesome roads and fun route. Great weather.
  • Progressive Tuesday 8. 42 miles
  • Progressive Tuesday 7. 4 riders. 45 miles - a little longer than expected. With Terry, Tom, Alan and Colin. At end of paved section China Hat Road
  • This could be you! Tuesday BTBS ride.
  • End of the road at McKenzie Pass. Memorial Day 2017.
  • End of the road at McKenzie Pass. Memorial Day 2017.
  • Spill way at Bowman Dam. Crooked River.
  • Terry, Colin & Jason top of Bowman Dam, Crook River, 40 mile Progressive Tuesday ride. Beautiful ride, great scenery.
  • Progressive Tuesday #4. At the half way point, end of paved section China Hat Road. Then temp drop to 37F, wind @15mph, and rain. Fun ride! Thanks Bill and Collin for joining me.
  • Progressive Tuesday #3, 31 miles, 7 riders, great weather, good people. What more do you need!!

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