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754 photo(s) Updated on: October 29, 2021
  • 6/5/2018 ride to Smith Rocks.
  • Progressive Tuesday Reboot
  • McKensie Pass summit
  • With most of the climbing out of the way, the group is all smiles on the Mt Bachelor / Sunriver loop!
  • This flag tells a little about the wind conditions on the Prineville reservoir loop ride on Saturday. Strong effort by all on the ride!
  • Louise, Susan, Steve and Michelle on the out and back ride to Prineville reservoir. A very windy day for the return trip.
  • Following Meek's Lost Wagon Train. Ben (above) and Sami on the 11% climb out of Little Bear Creek 5/6/2018 (https://cowheelers.wildapricot.org/event-2914482).
  • Weekend in the Gorge; Beautiful weather, low and no traffic roads with wildflowers in full bloom.
  • That time of year again. Mordor.
  • Ben (left) and Craig just before the 13% Lake Simtustus descent on the Agency Plains loop 4/21/2018 (https://cowheelers.wildapricot.org/event-2896309).
  • Ben being Ben.
  • John, Dave, Wiley, Teresa at start of climb after epic decent at Lake Simtustus.
  • Sam, Michel, and Tom at the "Ono Store and International Cafe" in Ono, CA.
  • Sam, Michel, and Tom at the Igo Store in Igo, CA.
  • Palo Cedro, CA (just outside of Redding)
  • John and Tim at Fern Country Store
  • Sam and Michel... taking in the ambiance of the Fern Country Store
  • Dave and Same on the Sacramento River bikeway (north of Redding)
  • Dave and Sam riding the Sacramento River bikeway
  • 30 miles today, China Hat Road. Good weather. Great people - 16 riders.
  • 30 miles today, China Hat Road. Good weather. Great people - 16 riders.
  • Our FIRST flat! Suffered by our guest rider Steve. Will he be back for more? We’ll see! Crane Prairie loop.
  • COWs Don, Alan, Dave and guest Steve. Crain Prairie Reservoir. Oct 29. It won’t look like this for long.
  • A wonderful fall ride / adventure! Team Coyote had to reroute due to early snowfall. Mostly sunny with cool temps and low traffic riding followed by a hot coffee warm up at Brewed Awakening in SR.
  • Lovely October ride with Colin, Teresa, Wiley and Susan. Breezy 55 miles to - you guessed it - Smith Rock State Park.
  • 6 riders braved the 45°F start and were rewarded w a fun ride, great weather, and good friends. Fall is coming. Ride while you can.

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